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Posted by on July 17, 2018

The invention of the steam locomotive changed the face of transit forever, and many enthusiasts still enjoy the engineering prowess of a coal or gas fired steam engine. Building miniature, electric model trains is a past time that has been enjoyed for many years, but some people are choosing to take their enjoyment to the next level by taking to the tracks in their own Live Steam Australia train engine. These small, yet powerful models are designed to operate on a smaller track and are the perfect addition to any outdoor area.

Passenger Cars

Don’t let the size of the main engine be deceiving, as trains classified as being either gauge 3 or 5 are usually powerful enough to pull several passengers at one time. By adding a variety of passenger cars, it will allow people of all ages to take a seat and enjoy a ride on a private railway. Though they don’t offer the same level of comfort as a traditional train, they are equipped with a comfortable seat that will allow a rider to relax and enjoy the journey.

Reinforced Bridge Systems

Whether a person has an unlevel yard or a creek that they would like to drive their train over, a bridge will create additional whimsy and make the area passable. It is imperative to consider how much weight the bridge will carry at any one time and make sure that it is capable of handling it safely. Most bridges are made of concrete or metal and are then mounted to the ground to help prevent shifting.

Foot Rests

The cars that are pulled behind a live steam locomotive for sale are usually fitted with a small seat. To make the riding experience as comfortable as possible, consider adding footrests to either side so that passengers will be able to rest their feet comfortably. In addition to increasing the comfort of the ride, they also help keep riders safe by preventing their feet from becoming entangled in the track system.

Marshaling Yard and Train Station

The train and track system are just the tip of the iceberg, and many hobbyists incorporate a variety of other visual elements that add to the experience. Consider creating a marshaling yard for storage of the train while not in use, or build a small station replica so passengers may quickly identify where to board. While it is possible to create these items by hand, many find that they get them at a discounted price if they buy live steam australia engines at the same time.

Your your own live steam loco system is only a few clicks away. The wide selection of engines and passenger cars available from Middlewoodbank Railway Company allows hobbyists of all levels to upgrade their garden train system. Check out their website to learn more and see how they are making it easier than ever to create a private railway.

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