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Posted by on August 2, 2020

Are you trying to develop your career as a developer? For the best chance of success, be sure to keep a few important things in mind. Actually, these are some of the best tricks and practices for developers, especially those who make Android apps.
1. Follow the trends
If you want your app to become popular, be sure to consider the latest trends. This will allow you to know the characteristics you should focus on. In fact, you must take the winning ideas as soon as they freelance app developers.
2. Make a great first impression
According to Branagan, the success of an application can be estimated as soon as it reaches Google Play. On this platform, there are around 2.2 billion applications available to download and install. If you want to stand out from this crowd, you must have something that draws viewers.
3. Target the communities
If you have any questions, don’t worry. You can target online communities. In these forums, expert developers are always ready to answer important questions to help each other.
4. Listen to your audience
To earn the trust and loyalty of your target audience, you may want to listen to them. Apart from this, it will be easier for you to increase your number of users. Plus, their feedback will help you make the necessary changes to your app for a better experience. Keep in mind that good work receives a lot of appreciation.
5. Take a great idea
If you work independently, you are likely to be successful as long as your application idea is revolutionary. But even if it is not revolutionary, it should provide value to users.
6. Learn to criticize your work
While it is a good idea to believe in yourself, you may want to learn how to criticize your products. Once you’re done with an app, ask yourself why others should download and use it.
What should be your goal? Your goal should be to create an application that solves a problem that many users have out there. By solving your problems, your application will make your life easier. So what you should do is choose a niche that can help you provide whatever solutions you may have.
7. Develop a portfolio
If you want to attract more customers as a freelance app developer, know that you must have an impressive portfolio. Creating work samples is of utmost importance, especially if you are just starting out. In fact, we cannot deny the importance of having a great portfolio.
8. Understand the market
It is important that you discover how Android users behave. Know that Android has many more users than its alternatives in the world, but they will not pay as much as iOS users would.
Therefore, it is important that you understand these elements before devising a strategy for creating an application.
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