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Posted by on March 5, 2021

For a Spaniard, football is a religion, the players are considered demigods and the stadium a temple. To buy tickets to watch a match in Spain requires a lot of planning, especially during a match with Real Madrid. Before we understand how to buy Real Madrid football tickets, we need to understand the basic structure of a stadium and the benefits of the different locations.

Seating in a stadium

A stadium is 100 meters long and 75 meters wide. The best นักเตะสเปน would be close to and parallel to the length. The seats here cost the highest and are called category 1 premium seats.

Next is the seats in the same row, but closer to the goal posts. These tickets are second best.

Category 1 is the seats at the top of the premium seats. They are the third best and give smaller but similar display as the premium seats.

Category 2 seats are full sets of seats just behind the goal posts on both sides of the shorter side of the stadium. They only provide an overview of the match when the players come to both ends of the earth. Goals can only be seen excellently if the goals scored are at your end of the stadium!

The last category is category 3 seats, which form the seats at the highest and longest point of the stadium. Players will look like ants from these seats, which happen to be not surprisingly the cheapest.

Buying Tickets – How and Where?

There are many ways to buy tickets. However, if you are an outsider and looking for a group ticket as part of a deer party or so, you can take advantage of your package holiday. The tour providers always have local connections to get tickets quite cheap.

Buying tickets online through various sellers is a popular trend and is also safe and reliable. It also eliminates the problem of standing in line to buy tickets. But through online ticket sellers, you can choose the exact seats you need.

If you are local and want to save the extra commission that you pay the seller, you can go to Tequilas, which are the ticket sales counters at the stadium.

Cost of tickets

The costs vary depending on the teams, the day of the week (weekend or day of the week) and the time of year (holiday times).

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