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Posted by on August 14, 2020

I understand that the season is over and almost everyone is looking towards the next one, but the website would be ประวัติทีมอาร์เซนอล if I did not write a summary of the ups and downs of the 2008/2009 season, a very disappointing one, at least by the high standards of the Arsenal.

I don’t know if that fan who approached Wenger after Chelsea’s 1-2 win saying “We will never win the League” is a prophet or something, but unfortunately he was right in what was going to be our campaign. .

Too little done to solve problems.

Speaking of that road win at Stamford Bridge, that was one of the reasons we didn’t win anything this year. It was a lucky win, almost all gifted by Mike Dein and if Lampard had scored a glorious opportunity when we were behind, we would have definitely missed that one. Now usually, and that’s why I say that that was one of the reasons we didn’t lift any trophies, after such a game you sit down, thank the Lord for a victory you didn’t deserve and try to analyze. why things are not working.

Instead, that did not happen. With the sole exception of Arshavin – let us be honest, it was an emergency signing – we continue to play with the same faces, over and over again, and when we reach the round of 16 of the competitions, a stage in which a 3- 0 away from home. at Manchester City it cannot be “canceled” with a 1-2 away win against Chelsea; our opponents completely outplayed us and outplayed us. I’m not saying that Ramsey, Vela, Wilshere, Bischoff or any other youngster would have helped us win a cup if they had played more, but it would have meant trying to do something against the problems in midfield, an area in which we struggle a lot. this season.

I mean, I can understand Wenger’s policy of not signing players because he believes in young people, but sometimes I wonder how much he believes in them. I’m sure Aaron Ramsey and Carlos Vela were miserable when they saw Wenger pick Diaby to play on the left, a player who had a bad season no matter where he played. So where is all this belief in the young?

Gallas and the captaincy

Through a series of incidents that occurred during the season, with his main public attack being the main one, William was stripped of his role as captain, a role that was later given to Cesc Fabregas. We all love Cesc but it takes character to captain a top European team, especially one like Arsenal and I’m afraid Cesc is too young for that. Perhaps it was a desperate move on Wenger’s part to keep the Spaniard in the Emirates, but even if he was having a terrible time when all this happened, I think Touré would have been a better option and, if not him, Almunia.

Injuries and more injuries

For many, Rosicky and Eduardo had to be our “real signings” of the year but we saw very little of the Croatian and nothing of the Czech star. In addition, Fabregas, Walcott and Gallas suffered long-term injuries, as did van Persie, Adebayor and others, although the extent of his injury was not as severe as the other three. Of course, when you lack depth like the Arsenal squad, dealing with injuries can become a nightmare although, to be honest, Cesc was not having the best of seasons before being left out.

Hopefully, now that many of our youngsters have experienced first team football, they will provide the depth in the team that we will need when suspensions and / or injuries hit us next year.

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