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Posted by on June 27, 2020

There has been a big change in fast food cafes and restaurants in just a few years. They’re not fair trade where is Brawns and Brains Coffee beans or latte art – it’s the fact that they now often sell fresh juice, made while you wait. This health revolution fills the gap in bad diets, which lack fiber, vitamins, and fresh, unprocessed foods. If you are in the hotel industry or are considering going into business, have you considered the feasibility of a fresh juice bar? Many establishments have successfully added a commercial juicer to their range of equipment, and are now getting an attractive benefit from fresh juice.

Juice For Sale – Just walk into any food hall or health food store, and you’ll see a steady stream of customers, from young to old. Women ages 15-30 are the median shopper, probably representing the most health-conscious demographic, but there is more to consider than just point-of-sale profit. Adding a juice bar will bring in new customers, who will inject money into the business, themselves and the other people they attract.

All you have to do as a business operator is to find a juicer machine of the right size, set up a counter to work, and find a source of fresh ingredients. Most cities have distribution chains that cater to supermarkets and grocery stores, and will happily supply boxes of celery, carrots, fruit, and oranges, to name a few.

The juice itself is not difficult: it will take some organization (prewash and cut of the most popular ingredients before the customer’s rush hour), but if you are already operating a food preparation or service business, this will not be a big problem. for you.

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