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Posted by on May 20, 2020

The shirts are available in various colors and designs. Therefore, it has become much easier to find beautiful and varied shirts on the market. While you are a young man, try to have as much collection as you can have in your closet. While we are talking about the types of t-shirt printing, there are several types of printing. They are modern, traditional and personalized. To purchase your shirt, you must determine which ones you need.

Modern digital printing

Digital printing is direct printing on the garment. It is a newer concept and is sometimes known to work as an inkjet printer. The best part is that they use higher resolution prints. This provides detailed images of the garments. Digital t-shirt printing makes prints soft on shirts. They look best with works of art that have gradients, shades, and different shades. They are mostly long-lasting. The cost of this type of printing is very low. There are unique designs possible with the types of printing. They give a professional finish.

Traditional screen printing

This is considered one of the best types of  T-Shirt Printing. Printing creates a template or template effect. Printing is done by holding the screen in place. Previously silk screens were used, now it has been replaced by nylon mesh. Ink floods to the screen. To ensure that the correct amount of ink enters all parts of the shirts, a squeegee is used to press the paint. After painting the design, the screen is removed. Then the paint dries or cures. This is a great way for companies to do mass production. Another advantage is that they are available at a low price. Printing can also be done in various colors. This type of printing is quick to print the same design multiple times. The print is of supreme quality.

Custom print

With custom printing, anyone can buy t-shirts according to their wishes. There are specialized machines that are used for the printing process. They can print you a logo, any motto or even your face. Most people choose custom t-shirt printing to give away and make them a memorable gift when printing special photos. Even the biggest companies take the help of this method to print the shirts according to their dress code.

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