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Posted by on March 5, 2021

Spanish football academies have a very unique training style that focuses on technical skills and speed rather than sheer strength and endurance.

For smaller football players who have a lot of speed, a Spanish international football academy may be perfect for you. Here’s what to expect from Spanish football training.

Football academy training: speed vs. strength

For football academies in Spain, นักเตะสเปน are far more important than power. For technical players whose greatest strengths are their speed and ball control, not their size, Spain football academies are the perfect place to hone their skills.

Unlike British football, which requires a strong upper body and a larger size because it is so physical, Spanish football is all about speed and precision. (Look at the Spanish national team. Many of the players are small, around 165-170 kg.)

Spanish football academy focus: team tactics

Training in Spain is very team oriented and tactical. It is important for players to be aware of their surroundings and know where teammates are on the field. Their football style focuses more on short, precise passes to your teammates instead of long hopeful passes in the space down the field.

Being able to control the ball and pass quickly is crucial in Spain. If you do not have good control and can not pass well, the opposition will be on top of you every time and you will not be able to adapt well.

Focus on the Spanish Football Academy: technical expertise

Spanish football has a very technical focus: to be able to control the ball perfectly, pass perfectly and shoot as well as possible. Football academies in Spain focus on good ball control and using both feet equally well.

Movements must be fast and players must learn to move the ball fast. In Spanish football, the ball is your friend. Players learn to take care of the way they hit the ball!

The main thing: love of the game

For players considering a Spanish international football academy, one thing is most important: a love of the game. According to Nacho Mallo, head coordinator at EduKick Madrid, players with a passion for football are the ones who will improve the most.

“All the passion they have, they find a way to express it here,” Mallo said. “We like all the technical stuff, so it’s a great place for anyone who’s a more technical player. They want to enjoy Spanish football.”

Are you a player who is all about speed and precision? Then training at a Spanish international football academy may be just right for you.

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