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Posted by on May 19, 2020


Did you know that the supplements you consume daily may contain other ingredients? Many times, these ingredients do not contribute to your well-being. Instead, they are used simply for the purpose of shaping, helping the supplement to form the correct size and helping to dissolve it properly.

The question is, are they harmful? Yes, some of them are.

These are the following ingredients that you will find in supplements.


Different brands of supplements use different types of fillers. As its name implies, it does exactly what it should do, fill in the blank. Sometimes the supplement needs to be bigger and take more volume. Fillers also make the supplement container look large. Filler does this job well. But there are other fillers that are better than others for absorption.


It helps you dissolve the tablet right after you put it in your mouth and swallow it. Examples of disintegrants include gellan gum, crospovidone, and croscarmellose sodium.


Especially in tablets, the binders are mixed with fillers to adhere to the components of the tablet during compression. Examples of binders include starch, cellulose, povidone, and xanthan gum.


It does exactly what its name suggests! Add flavor to the supplement. Sometimes it even hides the bad taste of a certain supplement. These flavors can be made from starch, sugar, or Gellan Gum Usage.


Who wants to eat an opaque looking tablet? Also, you can better differentiate the supplement if they are colored. But in reality, you never need artificial colors when it comes to vitamin and mineral supplements.

If you are confused about which supplements to take because they contain certain secondary ingredients, you should always consult your doctor or consult a trusted medical source. Never take guesswork when it comes to supplements.

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