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Posted by on April 16, 2019

Most people love starting their day with a nice breakfast meal. They roll out of bed in the morning and treat themselves to a nice cup of tea or coffee, or the fruit juice of their liking. And then they move on to the best part of it: enjoying a plate of bacon and eggs, toast slathered with marmalade or a delicious bowl of breakfast cereal. All of these with a book or newspaper in their hands, or their favorite sitcom playing on TV. These are the lucky ones. Get more here:

Sadly, there’s the rest of us. The people who never have the time to enjoy these simple pleasures in our busy days filled with hectic schedules. There’s no room for cooking up a meal when you have to head to work early, especially for those of us who commute. Breakfast is definitely not in our daily checklist.

Thus, the birth of brunch. It is the perfect meal for on-the-go people who don’t have time for breakfast yet are starving way before lunch. A combination of breakfast and lunch, it is the perfect in-between invention and the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a meal at mid-morning!

Brunch is definitely becoming the next big thing and for good reason. When you dine out for brunch, you can have a non-restrictive array of food options. You can pair up heavy lunch meals with coffee at your local coffee and brunch place and nobody will judge you. After all, it’s a blend of breakfast and lunch. Cupitol brunch is the gray area where you get to be adventurous with food and enjoy it without the limiting norms of what is usually eaten at breakfast and what is eaten at lunch.

Aside from that, this is the meal where you can slow down and take a break from the early morning forehead creases your workload gave you. At brunch, you can unwind even just for a little bit. You have enough time to sneak in a little reading time, or just bask in the relaxing time you’re taking for yourself. While enjoying your meal, you can look around and people watch or have a daydream or two. Brunch shouldn’t be hurried.

So whether it’s just a quick yet uplifting weekday brunch or a heartfelt weekend brunch with friends and family, you’ll definitely appreciate the pleasure it entails. The last good thing about brunch that we’ll leave you with is that brunch is served from cafés to fancy restaurants. There are many coffee and brunch places to choose from. All you have to do is seek out and pick your next favorite brunch destination. Get more info here:


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