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Posted by on May 24, 2019

If you will be taking a look at the market then it is y that can find a number of different filters that you will be able to install under your sink. Once you are able to have your very own under sink water filter then it can provide you with bottle water tasting water at a very affordable cost. There are many people that opt for this one since it is the one that is easy to install and is pretty straightforward. Once you will be choosing this one then it is you that will only need simple materials like the undersink water filter kit with compression fittings and mounting hardware, and Teflon tape. To read more about Filtap, click here.

Once you will be starting with the installation then you will need to see to it that you will be disconnecting and removing the lines of the cold water supply to the faucet. It is this one that you are able to see underneath the sink. This is fairly simple since you only need to unscrew the nuts and removing the rigid supply line. Once you have removed all of the lines then it is now time to place Teflon tape on the fittings. This will ensure you of a good fit and will also help in sealing the new filter lines that you will be installing. The filter kit is then installed in between the lone of the faucet and the supply. You need to see to it that the water filter canister will be installed in a way that will allow the water to enter the filter through an inlet. Once you have done this one then it is the water that can pass through the filter medium and will flow out the outlet. To learn more about an undersink water filter, click here.

Once you are done with all of the installations then make sure that the filter is connected to the cold water supply line. You need to remember that it is your filter that will not be working once you will connect it to the hot water supply lone. You can do the top connection by attaching one end of the flex line to the kitchen faucet. Once you have done this then it is you that can attach the other end of the line to the outside filter. You also will need to make sure that the canister is mounted in a position that is high enough to allow enough clearance beneath the canister. This setup will also allow faster access to the canister in case you want to make changes in the future.


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