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Posted by on June 20, 2018

Many couples are fighting the problem of infertility and inability to sire children. It has been a common problem in different types of people all over the world both male and female. Infertlity tests are done by medical practitioners to know more about their treatment. They then give a proper method of treatment to these people by advising them. People who have the infertility problem should not entirely lose hope because there are various solutions that exist to bring their fertility back.


Firstly one has to stop the lifestyle that may be causing them to be in such a situation because most of the times people get the condition of infertility due to their improper life style that they lead. One will be told to stop taking drugs that are illicit to their bodies, stop the drinking of brews, and also stop smoking which mostly kill the cells. Some types of medications may be bad for a person and can affect them badly thus they will need to avoid them. One has to take a balanced diet to avoid getting into problems and also making sure that these foods have proper vitamins. Taking a proper balance of diet is very important and is also necessary that one takes those with proper vitamin count. Another mode of treatment could also be by giving a person fertility drugs. One will be required to take these drugs according to prescription. The medication helps regulate body hormones but have side effects such s pains in the head and also throwing up.


Acupuncture too has been confirmed to heal some infertility that exist both in male and females. It is used to help in circulation of blood in the uterus and also of great impact to increase the rates of pregnancy. There is no side effect known against this. Herbs are a great type of medicine that is being used at the moment all over the world because of its content. There is no proper knowledge of it since research of it has not been fully done. One needs to seek advice from doctors about this.


Assisted reproductive technologies are used in the instance when all other processes have not succeeded. Technology has come up with solutions of very many aspect in life. An example of the procedures for this technological solution is sperm injection process. In another way the eggs of the female could be removed from their ovaries in a hospital and then are fertilized with the sperm of their partners in a laboratory. The sperm is directly injected to the ovum.


Third party can also be used as a solution to this. In a place where the problem is large another person may be introduced to help out. Third party will donate a sperm to the couple. International surrogacy is another way whereby a woman carries a baby for another person. There can either be traditional surrogacy or gestation surrogacy. In these the baby will not share genes with the surrogate.


Where other solutions don’t help the adoption will be key. One needs to thoroughly consider this before taking the decision which could be very painful both physically as well as emotionally. ┬áRead Kazakhstan surrogacy law here!


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