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Posted by on July 3, 2018

Taxes are generally among the most common types of injections in any kind of a government that contribute greatly in the growth of any kind of an economy. Taxes are however not optional but are therefore some compulsory payments every citizen in any country is required to pay.

However, the taxes are only paid to the government by the citizens to contribute in the growth of an economy of a country. The taxes once paid to the government, the government does not therefore pay back the citizens directly through any kind of returns but instead the government facilitates the various economic developments through the introduction o the various projects which all lead to the growth of a country’s economy. There are various types of instruments in the fiscal policies across the world in different economies and hence the taxes are the key instruments of the policies. Click here to get more information about this page.

As always said, fiscal policies will greatly influence the kind of changes in various economies across the world and hence taxes being the key instruments of the fiscal policies, they are generally among the top factors that will determine the level of change in the performance of an economy. Taxes are mainly found in two classes. Under these two categories, there are also some other sub branches of taxes. Here are some of the two major categories of taxes that are found in any type of a country across the world whether the country’s economy is open or closed. Follow the link for more information about taxes at

Direct taxes are generally the first category of taxes that most of the citizens in various countries across the world are required to pay to the government. However, as the word suggests, they are paid directly to the government, that is, they are taxes which are supposed to be paid by the same person by whom the tax was levelled to. There are also indirect taxes which different people in various economies across the world also pay to the government. Most of the economists also refer to the indirect taxes as third party taxes as they are likely to involve another party during the payment. The third party taxes are therefore paid by another person or party from whom the tax was levelled to, for example where a business organization pays taxes to the government on behalf of its employees. Find out more information about taxes at

It is important as a citizen to pay taxes to a government as they have a lot of benefits. Generally, taxes provide financial support to promote a smooth running of the various governments across the world as well as helping in provision of all the necessary services to the citizens.


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