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Posted by on January 18, 2019

In Georgia, termites are a type of insect that infests the foundation and lower levels of residential and commercial properties. The insects are known for creating serious property damage and compromising the properties. A severe infestation could increase the odds of more profound structural damage in a shorter amount of time. A local exterminator provides Pest Control Kennesaw for termite infestations.

Locating the Termites

The extermination service conducts a complete inspection underneath the property and in crawlspaces. These are the most common places to find termites. However, if the infestation is widespread, the termites could travel into the walls. The extermination team makes note of all locations that are affected by the infestation to create a better plan for treating the property.

Cutting Off Food Sources

The first step for treating the termites effectively is to cut off their food source immediately. Termites create tunnels from their colonies to food sources under the property. The insects eat wood and require water to survive. By placing sand barriers around the ends of each tunnel, the termites are unable to seek their food source and will starve.

Common Extermination Treatments

The extermination team sprays chemicals throughout the affected area to kill off any remaining termites. Insecticide is most effective when treating the unwanted insects and will eliminate the infestation quickly. The pest control service will apply insecticide to the exterior of the property to create an additional barrier of protection. Any additional areas in which termites have been seen are also treated fully.

Termite Control Services

Properties that become infested with termites are at a greater risk of new infestations. Pest control services may offer a termite contract to provide ongoing termite control. By acquiring the service, the property owner acquires protection for their home and could obtain more coverage through their homeowner’s insurance policy if damage occurs.

In Georgia, termites are a common risk that property owners face. The insects can infest the property without warning and create serious property damage. To eliminate the insects, it is necessary for pest control services to cut off their food sources and use the right insecticide. Property owners who want to schedule Termite Control Kennesaw contact an exterminator now.

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