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Posted by on June 18, 2018

The term astrology refers to the study of the movements and positions of the space objects. The celestial objects are believed to contain divine information about several aspects of human life. The information is often interpreted depending on the movements and location of the objects. The starts are examples of objects that are used in interpretation. Several cultures have attached strong importance to the astronomical events. Attain better understanding about Mi Astrologia by following the link.

Astrological knowledge has been greatly used in disciplines including medicine, astronomy, meteorology as well as alchemy. Moreover, astrologia uses different signs in the interpreting the phenomenon. The concept of the astrological sign can be well explained and understood within the concept of the natural philosopher who took time to observe the reality around them and came up with the principles, original substances of the physical world, as well as the primordial elements that help to explain the changes and alterations the biological organisms. To get more ideas about Cartas Astrologicas, follow the link.

However, before we take a look at the signs, it is important to observe how the elements are made as well as the reality of the signs. The signs can be categorized into either male or female signs. From the beginning of spring to the end of summer heat is produced; from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter cold is produced. According to the principles set by the philosopher, all the signs that are in trine to the equinoxes are male, on the other hand, all the signs that are in trine to solstices are female. Seek more info about astrology at

Moreover, the signs can be classified as being solid, mutable and bicorporal. This classification is based on the seasonal moments of the signs. Mutable signs are those that initiate the seasons, while those that strengthen the nature of the season are solid signs. Besides, the ones that have in themselves two bodies and have a share in two natures are known as bicorporeal also known as mutable. It is worth noting that the signs of the zodiac have no light. They reflect the light they receive from the sun. There are interpretations of the illumination properties of the sun on the zodiac signs. For instance, the ascendant refers to the rising of the sun linked to the hot springs. The angle of midheaven, on the other hand, is associated with dryness of the summer solstice. The following are the main signs of the zodiac, these include Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, among others. It is worth noting that the signs have different interpretations.


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