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Posted by on May 10, 2018

Actually, whether you are able to see stains, dust particles or not on your car or your area rug, you need to understand that they are most likely going to have dust and dirt contaminants and particles on them. In order to make sure that they do not cause allergens and diseases due to germs contained, you need to have these surfaces cleaned regularly after a certain period of time. According to Carpet Cleaners Chicago, there is a different type of carpets and rugs.

However, most of them can be cleaned using the same process and materials. According to Chicago Carpet Cleaning Service providers, the most popular or common rug cleaning method is the use of detergents and enzymes. These rugs are also cleaned using the steam method. However, when it comes to car or carpet cleaning according to Chicago Oriental Rug Cleaning Chicago Il service providers, there are three main steps that are followed. These stages include.

1. Pre-washing stage.

According to Upholstery Cleaning Chicago, it involves removal of dust materials. When cleaning a car or vehicle, you can use a cloth, brush or any other fabric material to remove dust particles from the vehicle body. If you are cleaning a rug, this can be done by shaking of the carpet or rug. However, if it is large you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck dust and dirt particles from it. One thing that should be noted at this stage is that removal of dust particles or pre-washing dust removal can only be done when the surfaces are still dry.

2. Washing stage.

This step is characterized by the use of detergents and enzymes as well as water and other organic solvents. When washing a vehicle, you need to use the required shampoo or soap and a soft cloth to wipe away or the dirt particles on the vehicle exterior body. On the other hand, when it comes to cleaning a rug according to Oriental Rug Cleaning Chicago Il cleaners make sure the cleaning detergent used does not bleach the carpet color. On the other hand, those stains that are hard to remove can be removed by powerful detergents, bleachers or organic solvents.

3. Post Washing Stage.

According to Upholstery Cleaning Chicago service providers, this stage is the third and the last when it comes to car and rug cleaning. In this stage, you need to wipe your car off the water that is yet to dry. After this, use a dry fabric to wipe it so that it can attain a shiny appearance. When it comes to rugs and carpets, keep them in inclined positions so that they can drain all the water. In order for them to dry quickly, you can subject them to a fan or a heater.

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