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Posted by on May 3, 2019

The utilization of computer technology has seen many hosting companies crop up. These companies offer server facilities onto which clients needing extra storage space to connect to the available servers. There are two major types of hosting facilities which include virtual private servers and the cloud services. Here are some of their features which will guide you on choosing you most preferred one.
The cloud server is a collection of multiple server machines connected together into which you can connect to for your server needs. The VPS (virtual private server) on the other hand is composed of a single server that is purely dedicated to your site. The main advantage of the VPS is that you can customize the server system as per your computing needs unlike in the cloud server which offers common features to all the users using the server system. In the event of a technical hitch in the servers, the VPS is most affected as you have to wait for the problem to be rectified while with the cloud hosting system your connection is re-routed to other available resources while the issue is being rectified hence you get minimal downtime.  Visit :  to learn more.

When it comes to cloud servers you are offered with the opportunity of using a wide variety of operating systems. The cloud hosting server system is not limited in any way and you can connect to it regardless of you using windows, Linux IOS or an android based operating system. With the virtual private server, you have to ensure that the operating system installed in your computer system is similar to the one on the virtual private mother server. The compatibility is crucial for you to enjoy the services of the server but this is a limitation if you lack the required VPS based operating system.  Here is more info about a cloud vps.

Upgrades and downgrading to a different package is very easy with cloud hosting servers as compared to the virtual private server. With regard to the pricing of the server services, cloud hosting is much cheaper as compared to the virtual private server. With the cloud hosting, you only pay for what you use while with the VPS you have to make a monthly or yearly payment regardless of the usage frequency. The VPS is much cheaper than a private cloud hosting service. From the two most common server hosting services, you can make a choice depending on your preference and needs.  View here for more info :


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