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Posted by on June 11, 2018

There are a lot of pool robotic cleaners available in the market, but choosing is easier if you know your pool well, along with the features you want.


The longest robotic pool cleaner cord length so far is around 150 ft. You have two things to consider here, and the first is how far the pool is from your electrical source. The second consideration is where you put the cleaning robot’s power supply – the minimum distance usually required by manufacturers is 10 feet from the pool’s edge. When a cord is too long, it can get tangled, but a swivel cord will help solve this problem.

Vertical Wall Cleaning

Some robotic cleaners are wall climbers, which means they will scrub the pool’s vertical surface, while others are not (if a cleaner is not a wall climber, manual brushing of the walls would be needed). Wall climbers may or may not clean the pool floor as well, so so be sure to check the specs before buying the product. Discover more facts about vacuums at

Cleaning Cycle

Robotic pool cleaners usually have one or more preset cleaning cycles, which tell you how long the best pet vacuum cleaner will keep working in the pool until it shuts off. Single-cycle cleaners usually work for up to five hours, while multiple-cycle models can run for three to eight hours, depending on the brand. With some cleaners, you can set your own cycle time.

Remote Controls

Some robotic pool cleaners come with remote controls. Though this is not necessary, a remote does provide that kind of convenience, especially when the best luxury robot vacuum cleaner gets stuck.


All robotic cleaners have an internal filtration system that collects debris, and the filter can be a cartridge or a bag. The two are equally effective but cartridges are easier to clean. They also both also have to be replaced eventually due to wear and tear. Other parts of a robotic cleaner that must be replaced are the handle, brushes, belts, bearings and the impeller.


Robotic pool cleaners can work with caddies, which come in handy for transporting and storing them and the power supply. More expensive cleaners will come with a caddy. Otherwise, you can buy one separately.

Size and Weight

Finally, pool robots made for largeĀ  pools can weigh as much as 145 pounds, so be sure to consider the operator’s physical strength, especially if you are not using a caddy. If you have limited storage, make it a point to check the overall dimensions of the cleaner before buying it.


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