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Posted by on December 11, 2018

In the years past, fishers were going on the fishing mission with gasoline-powered boats hence returning with very low returns. These days, trolling motors has enabled fishers to enjoy fishing and bring great rewards. Nevertheless, knowing which trolling motor is good for your boat is quite a task. Below is a list of tips to be attentive to when acquiring trolling motors.

You should pay attention to how long the shaft is. Before you decide on acquiring a trolling motor, make sure you factor how long the shaft is. This is important because boats of long sizes need long shafts while the short-sized boats need a shorter shaft. It is thus important to know the exact size of your shaft before proceeding to acquire trolling motor. For you to be sure about this, consider how long the distance from the waterline to the transom is. For bow mount, ensure you take the measurement from the bow top up to the waterline. Know more also about motor guide Jefferson Parish.

Ensure mount positions are carefully considered. Various trolling motors come in different positions of the mount, that is, transom mounts and bow mounts. Each mount position comes with its advantages as well as disadvantages. Bow mounts give the boat driver ability to maneuver easily but they are suitable for larger boats. In contrast, transom mounts can work best no matter what size a boat is but the driver will not be at ease in controlling and maneuvering. It is advisable however that you choose bow mount for bigger boats and transom for smaller boats.

Pay attention to the voltage. The amount of power your boat needs will play an important role in determining which trolling motor to acquire. In order to tell which trolling motor comes with the voltage that suits your needs, determine how long most of your stays in the water take. Additionally, make sure the size of your boat is given a keener eye. If you will be in waters for long, you need more power hence high voltage trolling motors. In case your boat is small, buy trolling motors with a low voltage.

You should pay attention to the controls. Trolling motors come with a variety of control methods, that is, hand-controlled motors, foot-controlled motor, and remote-controlled motor. Foot-controlled motors provide you with benefits such as more comfort and ability to work on other tasks because the hands are free. However, it is expensive than the hand-controlled motor. Hand-controlled motors are not only friendly in terms of cost but also leave more space on the deck. Remote-controlled motors provide boat drivers with high comfort but they take up much money. You can get more info at

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