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Posted by on July 16, 2018

An anchor chain is a metal device usually made of metal links fitted into one another to form a flexible sequence of links. Anchor chains are attached to the ship’s anchor that is dropped to the ocean bed and lets the boat come to a stop or anchor. These are made from galvanized steel and come in different types and grades providing different strength capabilities and functions.

The most popular anchor chains are the galvanized steel chain that has a high test or grade 40. Others are made from low carbon steel or high manganese alloy that is heat treated. The high test or grade 40 is famous for its strength as it has the highest weight-to-working load ratio. Thus, allows for the use of a thinner link and hence provides for more chain to be stored in a given chain locker. The high test anchor chain is also resistant to tangling in the locker. It is vital that you are aware of the type of anchor chain that you buy as some cheap versions are also available. See more details at this website about anchor chain.

High-quality anchor and chains are embossed with the designation that indicates the strength grade. Anchor chains without this designation leave you guessing about the strength of the chain and can lead you to dangerous complications over time. Regular inspection of your chain is essential to avert a crisis. Ensure that the steel bar (stripper) is not absent or bent to prevent constant jams. Ensuring that the links fit correctly and evenly also provides that there will be no jams in your anchor chain for ease of raising and lowering. The end of the anchor chain attached to the vessel with a splice that should fit comfortably through the hawser. This line will be your safety valve if you are about to be run down or dragging to a lee shore as it lets you cut the vessel free.

Advanced marine anchor chains making equipment helps in making high-quality anchor chains. Every chain is calibrated to the weight it can withstand. With the anchor chain, weight is critical. Any additional weight increases the sag produced by the deployed chain. The type of anchor chain that you purchase should serve its purpose and offer a long-term service. Proper maintenance and regular checkups ensure that any malfunction is avoided and a crisis is averted.

Therefore when searching for the ideal anchor chains, you should learn the above items.


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