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Posted by on August 30, 2018


The biggest percentage of your customers owns a mobile phone that you can communicate with them directly about your business. There are different ways of communication, and the recent development in business communication is the business texting. Business texting allows you to deliver a message about your business to potential customers directly to their phone message inbox. As with any other form of communication, business texting has a lot of advantages that your business can benefit from. Below are some of the benefits of text messaging for your business.


Text messaging is instant. When you send texts to potential customers they instantly get it and unlike other forms of communication, the text is seen within less than three minutes. The potential customers will also take less than two minutes to reply to the message. This makes text messaging a convenient way of communicating.


Most of the customers carry their mobile phones everywhere that making business texting even a more convenient form of communication. According to statistics, most people keep their phones within reach every time of the day. Therefore when you send a text, you are sure that the customer will get the message within the shortest time.


Texting has become the most preferred form of communication among people. Most people would rather text you any information they have than make a phone call. So if your business adopts messaging as a form of communication, then you are sure it will gain favour from most customers.  Visit this website at and know more about texting.


Business texting at is more cost effective than any other form of communication. Businesses aim at making more profits and minimizing any cost as much as they can. So when you adopt texting, it will help you save more money as you communicate. Texts do not need any internet connection to send or to receive so it saves you and your customer the cost of acquiring an internet connection. Unlike phone calls, the cost of sending texts messages are also greatly reduced and it allows you to reach more customers.


Business texting also allows confidentiality for personal information and sensitive information. Texting allows you to avoid phone calls in public where you can risk giving out sensitive information about your business. Business messaging also allows you to communicate with customers in areas where calls are hard to use. In noisy public places, for example, you can use texts which are convenient. In areas like meeting you can also use texts to communicate to anyone who calls and inform them you can pick calls. If you are not yet using business texting at it is high time that you think about it and keeps up with the competition in the market.


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