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Posted by on March 4, 2019

Challenge coins are made of metals and got the name from the military as they were used during the war. The history of challenge coin is associated with militaries. Challenge coins were used to recognize soldiers who did courageous acts on the battlefield. Superior soldiers gave the challenge coins to officers after coming from a challenging mission. Challenge coins are transferable among the military officers. Maintaining the challenge coin a military officer had to maintain exemplary performance. Challenge coins is more about the act as a motivation for hard work since the achievers feel recognized and appreciated. Recognition of the officers for attaining given level of success encourages competition among the officers to do good acts within the field of work.

Companies use challenge coins to reward their employees for their successes. Workers who emerged the best within their organizations get the privilege of winning the challenge coin. Organizations have been able to improve their performance due to the competition among the workers for the desire to win the challenge going. The individual performance of the employees increases thus improving the overall performance of the organization. The ability of the organization to shine above its competitors due to good performance helps to boost its ranking within the industry.

The challenge coins are very useful for individuals as they enhance the ability to secure employment. The challenge coins are viewed as identification for successful employees and military officers. Military officers can present the challenge coins to be able to win promotion opportunities. Job seekers outside the military can show the challenge coin to the employers so as to get the privilege over other candidates fighting for the same position. Most employers look experienced from the candidates and thus getting people who have been able to shine with their previous employment can be a great advantage for them. Read more details in this article about the uses of challenge coins.

The challenge coins are used for presidents to recognize good acts of civilians. Civilians who shine within the public due to acts of charity can get the opportunity to win the challenge coins. The challenge coins can be used to show identification to members of a given group. Some organizations have challenge coins at that bear the name of the company which can help to identify its employees in case of public events. Some people might use the challenge to reward a family member who needs recognition for something exemplary they did for the family.

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