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Posted by on March 7, 2019

Have ever been told by your family doctor that there’s nothing wrong with you, you are healthy, even though you are experiencing a distinctive and burdensome symptom. Your chances are, you will fell discounted and lost, having a small idea what’s wrong with you and has no idea where to go to next for help.

To be honest, what your doctor is trying to say to you is that in their years of experience and training they’ve never encountered such disease or condition that you are currently having. Which means they can’t specifically give a prescription for your condition. But luckily, there is already another kind of medical training that can track down your condition through your symptoms then offers treatments that will give relief to you without any surgery or drugs.

Commonly, your doctor would examine you first before giving you a prescription. This includes test and trials of which of your symptoms would match to an existing disease or condition, after that your doctor will follow the latest guidelines on what to prescribe to you. But how about Functional Medicine? Well functional medicines are regards to each patient as a unique individual, doctors who are trained under this runs multiple laboratory test and looks for the biochemical, lifestyle and environmental cause of their patient’s condition or disease. Then treatment will go afterwards to the specific cause of your symptoms.

Functional Medicine works like this, two patients may share the same outward symptoms but may have different disease or condition they currently bare. Which means they will undergo different treatment procedures from one another. Take note of this, the strength of functional medicine Chicago is by helping patients who have complicated, chronic health issues that goes unidentified.

In order for you to get well, functional medicine uses to scientifically grounded principle which is to add any lacking in your body to nudge your physic back to your normal and optimal state, and to remove anything that hinders your body from reaching it optimal state.

In other words, your body naturally wants to be as health as it could be. However, it needs essential nutrient to reach that state, and to remove all the toxins and pollutants that is hindering your body of reaching it. Functional Medicines firstly identifies the factors that is responsible for the degradation of your health. After that, series of treatments and corrections on the way your live and medication will be followed after in order for you to get your body on its optimal condition. Read more here…

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