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Posted by on March 7, 2019

Instead of just treating symptoms of a disease, functional medicine is focused mostly on the underlying cause of disease by making use of an approach that is focused on the primary function and systems of the body. Practitioners promote a partnership-like engagement among their patients to attain better overall wellness and health.

Practitioners of functional medicine are focused also on the person as a whole instead of isolated constellation of symptoms. Because of this, it shifted medicine from conventional sick care to a more comprehensive approach. These health care professionals do spend great amount of their time with patients and listen to histories while evaluating the lifestyle, environment as well as genetic factors that plays a role in development of chronic disease and long term health. Through this, professionals were able to provide patients with a one of a kind experience in their healthcare which leads to higher engagement as well as vitality for every person.

There are a number of reasons why functional medicine becomes increasingly popular in today’s time and age. Read more to learn why functional medicine is growing in popularity nowadays.

The current medical practice of today is focused more on acute care or sick care, conditions that are requiring urgent attention like appendicitis or broken bones, diagnosis of trauma or diseases and its treatment. Medicine isn’t centered on the person’s wellness but on how to cure an already sick individual.

As a matter of fact, there’s a significant increase in figures of diagnoses of chronic disease among those in the society. These disease include but not limited to diabetes, cancer, mental illness, heart disease as well as autoimmune conditions similar to rheumatoid arthritis. The acute care medical approaches don’t allow the capability to prevent or treat complex chronic illnesses. Generally, this is because of the reason that it doesn’t account for unique makeup of the person or outside factors that may play a role, particularly in environment that is exposing us to toxins. Lifestyle choices additionally play a role in the overall health and might have direct influence on the increase of chronic diseases.

There’s a huge gap between how doctors are practicing and researching their field of expertise. This chasm is massive to as much as 50 years, particularly the one in field of chronic diseases. Unfortunately, a lot of physicians these days aren’t trained to search for the root cause of the disease. They’re not taught on how to find a treatment strategy like nutrition, diet as well as exercise which will improve the patient’s condition. Learn more from us at

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