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Posted by on September 4, 2018

A dog is a living creature that is usually domesticated. There has been some sort or relation between dogs and human beings for ages. Dogs are usually kept for many reasons. Some of the reasons are companionship, hunting looking after other domestic animals, protection and helping police and military.

There are very many breeds of dogs that have different looks and behaviors. This animal is either normal in size or big in size. The coat on this kind of dog exists in many colors. The Catahoula bulldog is not temperamental and is usually bred for hunting and protection. This dog is however, also kept for herding.

Another breed is the Continental bulldog which is usually average in size and with an athletic body. This breed of dog is said to have much confidence and it is usually not aggressive but neither is it easily intimidated. The French bulldog happens to have a small build. This breed of dog is usually a good companion to human beings, discover more here.

Another breed is the American Bulldog which is usually well built and strong. These dogs are usually described by their cool, confident and active nature. Vast kinds of dog categories are usually bred the world over. Human beings have kept dogs for the longest of time and they still continue to keep dogs.

The body size and type as well as the color on a dog’s coat usually differentiates it from other dog breeds. All the people who keep dogs do not keep them for the same reason. You will find that there is a place in the world where most of the people who keep dogs keep them for protection purposes. Dogs are also bred in some other places just for the sole reason of being companions to man. In these places, the dogs are treated as part of the household and they reside together with man.

Dogs are supposed to be cared for and kept well. They should be taken to a veterinary when they are not well. The training of dogs usually equips them with some unique skills. The trained dogs are trained so as to be more effective in police work, the army or even at home. Unlike in the olden times, dogs are now allowed in public places such as hospitals, shopping malls, transportation vehicles and many other places.

Domestic animals are usually protected by animal rights bodies that enforce the proper treatment of animals. There are laws enacted as animal rights the breakage of these laws could lead to losing the animal, being fined or even being imprisoned. Dogs should not be mistreated and the concerned laws should be adhered to in relation to keeping dogs. There are shops that deal with animals and pets and from there one can acquire their dog of choice. Know more additional info from Cute Dog Collective.

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