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Posted by on May 24, 2018

Blood pressure cuffs or otherwise inflated cuffs are wrapped around an individual’s upper left arm at about the same vertical height as the heart. It is manually operated by squeezing a rubber bulb repeatedly until the large artery in the body is occluded thus causing a momentary stopping of the blood circulation. It is imperative to understand that the blood pressure cuffs and manometer are the elements which constitute the blood pressure meter which is commonly known as a sphygmomanometer. Note that the inflated cuffs restrict the flow of blood and the manometer measures the blood pressure.

Listening with the stethoscope put near the brachial artery, the specialist or an individual measuring your blood pressure will release the air in the cuff slowly. As the blood in the artery starts to pulse, it forms a pounding sound. The pressure at which the whooshing sound started is your systolic blood pressure. Then, the cuff pressure will be released until the noise stops. The pressure where the sound was last heard is reported as your diastolic blood pressure.

Children and adults have smaller or larger than average sized persons while large adult cuffs are for people who are plus-sized. For the super-sized individuals or mid-sized persons having big arms, they should use the adult thigh cuffs. However, even if the cuff fits perfectly on your arms, it does not mean that it is the best cuff size for you. You should learn that the cuff size does not count much but the length and the width of the bladder inside the blood pressure cuff. You can claim that the cuff is of the right size when the inflatable balder situated inside has the right length and width for the size of your arm.

When you are set to choose the right blood pressure cuff for you, you need to check on various prices on the market. Note that there exist two types of cuffs which include manual and automated blood pressure cuffs, and each one of them has a separate price. Other factors which impact on the price include the manufacturer and where you buy cuffs orĀ manschette kaufen for your blood pressure. Make sure that you have selected the one which is within your budget. However, while less costly cuffs may be pleasing, it is prudent to realize that expensive ones can last for a long time and are built well. As mentioned earlier, you need to consider the size of the cuff before making any purchases.

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