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Posted by on February 7, 2019

The fashion arena for men broad and there is a wide range of glitzy classy trends. The main aim of dressing the sophisticated urban man is to make sure he is trendy and smart. While shopping for formal shirts, select one that will give you a classy, calm and professional look to uplift your spirits. Many varieties can add some flavor to your closet, and there is much room for creativity. For most men, a crispy shirt is a compulsory fashion statement. Nevertheless, you can spruce your outfit with some few accessories to complement your style, appearance, and comfort. As you shop for shirts, there are a few guidelines. Go to to learn more.

It’s Important to consider the measurements of the shirt. The sleeves must be of the appropriate length and should touch the wrist bone. The arms and the shoulder need to be free form tightness if you want to wear a shirt that is fitting. The length of the shoulder should be in such a way that is direct with the edge of the shoulder line. When selecting a shirt, dress it first and then tuck inside. Lift your hands to find out if it is fitting or not.

There are many color styles some are spread, cutaways and the English spread collars. Look out for the best collar that will match along with your suit and time. One that is not too conservative or flashy. Choose one that will communicate your sense of style and which can match with any suit. To know if the size of the collar is the best, tuck some two fingers in to confirm if it’s tight or loose. A perfect collar should offer some comfort.

Some shirts have added features in them for example pleats. Before buying check if you need one with extra clothing. You can go for the tailor-made shirts that will fit you perfectly. The type of shirt that you choose will depend on the weather season. For example, if it is winter, you can choose a heavy fabric shirt and during summer you can wear a light textile shirt. You can avoid wearing synthetic textile shirts for example polyester as they can make the shirt look cheap, flimsy and shiny. They are also not well aerated, and your skin can react to them. Check out to learn more.

The type of color you choose will also depend on the weather condition. You can have some fun moments with shirts that have prints and mix colors during the summer. During winter you can opt for rich tones. Here’s how men can look better in shirts:


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