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Posted by on September 20, 2018

A Fitbit tracker is an electronic device that is designed to measure important health and activity markers. These include heart rate, the number of steps while walking or quality sleep. It is designed in a way that it could be worn in hand like a watch. Other than that it could be clipped on clothing or placed in a pocket. Provided it can sense movement. Therefore when the data is collected, it can be used to calculate calories burnt or duration of a certain activity .moreover, due to technology advancements, it can now keep records of heart rate, pace, distance, weight, body mass index and much more.

Firstly, it helps manage the amount of water to take every day. A Fitbit tracker contains a place where it records the amounts of water levels taken and the amount of water to drink every day. This, in turn, helps with proper digestion. Secondly, enables people to engage in different activities. This happens when the goals of the day are not one struggles to do more physical activities to meet the goals.

This product promotes competition. This product is designed in a way that friends and family can be added. Hence from this, friends’ pages can be viewed in the device hence cheering and giving moral support. A Fitbit tracker can also be set up in a way that it brings up daily challenges where the friends can take part .it designed in a way that it provides notifications such so that it shows when a friend is about to win.

This company has designed this product such that it can track calorie consumptions in a day. This is done by tracking the food consumed, then the barcode of the food is scanned and by classifying whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition to these, if the meal is not in the system, it can be added, and the number of calories consumed will be calculated. Apart from this, as it calculates the number of calories consumed, it shows the remaining distance to be covered or to burn the calories.

A Fitbit tracker enables setting goals and accomplishes them. This can be done since it keeps records of progress, distance covered in a day and gives awards such as putting badges on your wall and profile .with this, therefore, people set goals and once accomplished, it is satisfying to the soul.

A Fitbit tracker helps monitor sleep. It does monitor not only sleep but also the restless minutes. This, therefore, tells the amount of ample sleep required. By proper utilization of this product, health and different daily activities are well monitored. Read more here!

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