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Posted by on January 30, 2019

Functional medicine is suitable and appropriate for a wide range of health conditions such as insomnia, belly upsets, and stuffed nose and for anyone feeling down among many others. It is common to see such people heading to the GP for a few minutes consultation after which they get a prescription and leave for home. Is this, however, the best way to get rid of the illness and does it really make the patient feel better? The answer to the question is a big no which explains why people treated with the approach may easily fall sick over and over again. It is at this point that functional medicine comes in so useful whose principles are as discussed below.

The medicine is all about you
It is essential to think of functional medicine as a personalized and therapeutic relationship which is also patient-centric and health-focused whereby the medical practitioner and their clients work in harmony to find out the root cause of the condition. The doctor examines not only the patient but also their lifestyle, unique history and the environment in addition to the underlying factors after which they also develop a health improvement and drug-free plan of restoring the patient to their best health state and putting them on a life-long path of wellness. With the help of functional medicine, the doctor can easily look way beyond the laundry list of the symptoms and also take the entire patient into account as well. Also there are different medical centers which are offering the best functional medicine like Bliss Medicines allergy testing Chicago.

It is an artisanal treatment option
It is common to see some people refer to functional medicine as artisanal medicine due to the fact that the medicine offers the client a great conventional experience and it also entails using one’s time as well as patience and cares all because full recovery does not happen overnight. With functional medicine, one treats the patent that has the infection rather than the illness that one is suffering from which is the reason why functional medicine doctors spend hours with the patients listening to what they have to say as well as their histories. They also take time to examine the environment as well as the detective work, genetics, and lifestyle in addition to anything that offers a link to finding the cause of the illness.

In addition to being ideal and suitable for both worlds, it is also vital to learn that functional medicine is not an assembly line medicine like the conventional options.

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