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Posted by on August 20, 2018

In this modern world, construction takes place every day, as individuals, firms and governments sort to provide housing, infrastructure, and roads for their families, investments, and citizenry. Construction also takes place when experts perform repair and maintenance jobs, on existing facilities. During construction, the safety of the workers, non-workers, pedestrians and the facility in construction, is very important. Lack of proper safety guidelines and procedures during construction can, cause serious injuries and death to workers and non-workers alike.

To ensure safety during construction, the project management and workers should take a collective responsibility in ensuring that the construction site is safe. Management should take site safety seriously and incorporate it, during project planning. The management should adhere to all laid down safety regulations. They should provide workers with personal protective equipment and ensure the working environment is safe for everyone. These include helmets, protective footwear, reflective clothing, gloves, and respiratory protective gears such as masks. Other protective gears include goggles, fire retardant suits, ear plugs, dust masks, loudspeakers, hooters and traffic cone reflectors. The project manager should ensure the site is inspected regularly for safety. It is important for the construction firm that has been hired to pre-qualify for safety. Click for more info.

The project management should have routine safety training and drills for workers. Similarly, the workers should adopt a workplace safety culture. They should ensure that whatever action they take, guarantees their own safety and the safety of others. Abuse of alcohol and substance abuse should be prohibited in the workplace policy, to ensure everybody’s safety.

Many site accidents are a result of a fall from high heights or into excavated pits. Some construction accidents take place when walls curve in and bury workers. Other site calamities are as a result of vehicle accidents, electrocution or being hit by an object on the site. Each construction site can apply the common safety measures that are applied universally. However, since each construction is different, each should implement the safety measures that are relevant and unique to their particular site. View here for more.

To prevent falls from building, the employer should provide ladders that are of adequate length or scaffolds. The management can ensure safety by providing positioning devices, which can hold employees in place as they carry out their work on site. Equipment such as safety nets and guardrails can also protect the workers from being injured when they accidentally fall. The site should be clearly marked with warning lines, radioactive and danger signs. These signs indicate to the user that they are leaving safe areas and should apply the necessary precaution when they enter areas with warning signs.

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