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Posted by on November 14, 2018

It is through the Black History Month that we get a chance to honor black individuals all around the world that has certainly made an impact. It changes that these individuals are doing even until today and some of them are women. When taking a look at these women that they are still fighting issues that affect black people today and they are discrimination, injustice and systemic racism. It is through their very unique ways that these women are able to address these issues. It is by doing their own part that these women are able to make the black community better. There are many famous black Canadian women that are making an impact today and that is what we will be talking about in this article.

Dr. Avis Glaze is one of the black Canadian women that is making an impact today. She was born in Jamaica but now makes Canada her home. It is Dr. Glaze, an international educator that believes in collaborative work with educators is the key to improve the system. Dr. Glaze has proven her worth with the number of different accomplishments and honors she has received. Dr. Glaze has also held a number of prominent positions in Canada and internationally. Dr. Glaze is inspired by improving the education of children.

Another black Canadian who is making a mark is Alisia Bonnick who is a psychology student and is also a novelist. Regardless of her young age, she has already helped a lot of young people achieve their goals. A co-founder of a publishing house and the editor-in-chief of an online magazine is also what Alisia is doing. The magazine usually focuses on issues with mental health.

A founder of an online community which is dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion in TV and film is known as Production Without Borders is what Karen King is doing. The first black Canadian woman to produce a full-length feature film is what Karen King has done. It was in the Sundance Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival, and at Cannes where her film was shown. Making films to promote diversity and inclusion are the main goals of Karen King. It is her that said that she wants black people to be valued and to just tolerated.

An executive director of a center for serving young people known as The S.P.O.T is what another black Canadian woman, Femi James is able to do. It is through art and technology that they help empower the youth in becoming agents of change. She is known to provide various opportunities for the young. Helping young people overcome social barriers is what Femi James is able to do. You’ll also want to research into¬†black communities in Canada.


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