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Posted by on November 14, 2018

From the time that they were slaves in Canada to today, you should note that the black Canadian have played a huge role in shaping of the country past, present, and future. You should understand that from the time that they were slaves to today, what you should note is that the black people have played a huge role in the shaping of the countries past, present, and future. What you should note is that they should be recognized for some of the things that they have done and the role they played in shaping the country. You need to understand that in this generation they are not slaves anymore. Find out some of the black women who made some changes in the state. Do check up onĀ black rights in Canada.

One of the women who has a great history is Mary Ann Shadd. What you should understand is that in the year 1994, she was named a person of National Historic significance In Canada. What you should note is that she was the first black female newspaper publisher. She is among the lucky few that were born by free parents. The other pointer you should note is that in 1853, she founded and edited the Provincial Freeman. The other thing you should note is that she ran an integrated school for black refugees in Windsor, Ont. What you should understand about Shadd is that she supported for school desegration. Worked to encourage the black American to Move to Canada. The other thing you should is that she was the first black woman to complete the law.

Portia While from Nova Scotia was the first black Canadian woman o be an international star. She did not even if the black women had a huge challenge in their professional lives. Some of the things you should note is that she traveled the world with your career. Later she worked with students including singer Robert Goulet and actress Dinah Cristie.

You should note that the other woman who has a significant impact is Marie-Joseph Angelique. Her story is important for many reasons. One of the things you should note is that they remind that black people were enslaved in Canada. Angelique born in Portugal in 1705. You should note that there was a high fire in the city she was charged with arson. She was believed to have done this as she requested for a her freedom and she was denies. Even when tortured she refused the allegation. Later she was found guilty and was executed.

Politician Rosemary Brown had to deal with a lot of whammy and racism and sexism on her path to being the first female member of provisional legislature and the first woman to run leadership of federal party. She migrated from Jamaica to Canada. What you should note is that she became the first political commentator and also one who co-founded the Vancouver Status of Women council. Even faster retiring she continues to work with international human rights. She died in the year 2003. You may be wondering if are there any black people in Canada. Well, there are a lot, and many are very successful.


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