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Posted by on May 16, 2018

Among the important events in a woman’s life is an engagement and this occasion needs to be marked with a ring. A majority of people prefer to propose and present their partner with a diamond engagement ring. Diamond jewelry dates back to the past, and its significance is still visible, and this is because of its qualities. Diamond is a stone which hard and that means that it is durable and it is also beautiful. The cost, quality, and values of a diamond are determined by the four Cs which are color, cut, clarity and carat. Visit¬† for more.

The cut of a diamond refers to the evenness of a diamond’s surfaces, and this includes the proportions and angles. The cut determines the capacity of the diamond to reflect and refract light, and this makes it for sparkling. Carat characterizes the weight of the diamond. Therefore, when the carats in a diamond are more, then it will be heavy. However, the more the number of carats does not mean that it will be expensive. Price will be dictated by color, cut and clarity. The color of the diamond is categorized according to the color scale. The color of a diamond ranges from clear to yellowish. When a diamond is whiter, then it is more valuable.

The colorless diamonds are the most valuable although such stones are rare. The clarity of a diamond can be viewed from the position, number, and size of the inclusions which cannot be seen by naked eyes. A diamond will be more valuable if it has few inclusions. A diamond which has a round shape reflects more light. You should, therefore, know the four Cs when you are selecting a diamond engagement ring, and that will assist you to pick the best jewelry.

You need to have a pre-planned budget before you start looking for a diamond engagement ring. You need to be sure of how much you are willing to spend. Because this is an event that comes once, you can buy something memorable. Select a design and this means finding a reputable jeweler who offers beautiful engagement rings that come with the setting and center stone. When you buy from a reputable jeweler, you are most likely to buy a good ring. Hence, finding the best engagement diamond ring will not be a daunting task provided that you are knowledgeable about diamonds and that will make the entire process easy for you. View here for more:


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