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Posted by on June 6, 2019

The retained search can go beyond that of the typical contingency effort. Without any exclusive arrangements, it can be foolish to those recruiters to spend around 20-30 hours onto the search, more particularly when that of the industry averages shows that the recruiters fill one in around 10 contingency assignments. The average retainer search can take around 150-200 hours. This time will allow the recruiter to cover the whole marketplace and to consider a lot of qualified candidates. But obviously, we have to look for those clients who is committed to justify that kind of effort. Check to learn more.

The second benefit is in terms of the quality and the quantity of that of the results. The difference in the yield between 150 hours of search as that compared to the 20-30 hours is very substantial. The retained programs will allow us to have the time to locate the best available candidates in that of the market place instead of directly referring the first qualified person that we find. This can ensure that you can get the maximum performance capability for that of the search dollar and the person who is best suited to that of your opportunity.

The retained search is also cost effective. Most of those clients are surprise to be able to learn that these retained searches can usually cost for no more than contingency – and even with the expenses. The reason for this is that there is an increased cost of effectiveness for us. To date that of our successful completion rate for that of the retainers has been around 90% when you compare it to the industry average of around 10% in terms of the contingency. This will allow us to be able to be competitive in terms of the pricing and then pass some of that of the savings right into you.

This is also considered to be timeless. There are a lot of people that think that the retained search does take longer time to complete. Certainly, at the very high management levels, this can be real. But, most of the middle to that of the upper management search can take around 2-4 months no matter how they will be conducted. majority of those retained recruiters does work with no more than 4-6 assignments in a simultaneous way and with the higher level of research and also administrative support. This can allow us to be timely as that of their contingency counterparts.

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