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Posted by on September 6, 2018

Marketing is basically turning goods and services from a concept to the client. It entails a lot of different activities but with only one aim to sell your company’s products and services to the consumer. Marketing is a major part of business and the other areas of your business are dependent on your marketing strategies.

There are many facets f marketing but all of them have one bottom line and that is to make your company and its products known. Here are some of the marketing activities that you can undertake

Advertising: These is the biggest activity of marketing. It involves communicating and informing consumers about your products and further influence them to use or try your product or and keep using them. Advertising is a very important activity in that: It creates awareness of your products and services, I also helps retain your clients, am on going campaign will further remind potential clients of your presence if ever the need of your products arises. Advertising also raises the motivation of your staff in that thy efforts are felt by their friends. There is nothing as demoralizing as telling someone about a product and their response’ ‘haven’t heard about it.

Consumer research: this is an activity that helps you learn your customers and their needs and how best to meet the same needs and in in so doing increase your sales which will be a direct result of customer satisfaction. To be able to guarantee customer satisfaction, you need to research and understand your clients. This is also called market research. Your company growth will also means an increase in your marketing actives ad this can be time consuming and expensive undertakings, but you don’t have to do it all on your own, There are marketing agencies that will put themselves out there to ensure that you products presence is felt.

They will take care of your advertising campaigns, promotions and some will even go as far as conducting the market survey for you but you need t consider few facts before you enlist whatever agency you choose. Budget, what is your marketing budget? You need to find an agency that will work within your budget and deliver the desired results. Your Vision, What do you aim to achieve with your marketing and will the firm you choose share the vision with you. If not keep looking for one that shares your vision.

If you have to choose a marketing firm, pick one that as experience. Choosing a marketing firm like Sweetgrass Marketing for your business is a very important step, choose wisely research wide. Online sites will be of great help since they will help with already researched data that will enable you make the best choice for your business.

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