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Posted by on June 14, 2018

Pop art portraits are simply paintings of faces, hair and neck of a person with distinct hexagonal shades of color. The hexagonal color shades are what make portrait paintings unique from other paintings. The freedom of the use of numerous shades of color on these kind of paintings is what makes them very conspicuous and beautiful. These kind of paintings use any type of paint ranging from oil paint, acrylic paint to water based paint, although it depends on lifetime the painter has in mind for the painting. Oil paints on canvas last longer compared to other techniques of doing pop art paintings. Pop art is modern and therefore applied in many areas especially in modern music, especially in making the cover pictures.

With all credits to today’s technology, you do not have to be a talented artist to create a pop art portrait. All you need is a good internet connection and an internet enabled device like a smartphone or a computer. Websites like PopArta eliminate the whole hustle that goes into sketching and coloring pop art paintings. An interested party only has to get their own portrait picture or a celebrities’ portrait picture in digital format. The individual thereafter uploads the picture to any of these pop art websites which change the picture to a pop art portrait. The picture should first meet a few standards like the edges being clearly visible.

Once the portrait picture has been transformed into pop art photography, the individual has the option of choosing the different shades of color. The individual also has the option of using only two colors, black for the edges and any other color for the background preferably a bright shade. The individual then goes ahead to download and print the pop art portrait. Printing can be done on any material whichever the individual desires ranging from fabric to paper to canvas. It all depends on the type of printer available. Once the masterpiece is complete, it can either be sold or hang up for people to admire.

Aside from printing finished pop art portraits, an individual can always copy the pop art and make it a painting. It looks far much better this way although it might require skill. Which can easily be archived through practice. As long as the pop art websites exist, anyone can turn a picture into pop art and come up with very beautiful masterpieces. Whose area of application is infinite, from cover pictures to fashion to simple paintings and automobile painting, just to mention a few. Watch this video at and know more about pop arts.


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