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Posted by on March 9, 2019

The new era of kids is different. Toddlers are using tablets, the teenagers’ most common communication method is through texting and even their schools have integrated the tablets and the computers into their curriculum. While the kids having phones is necessary for safety and other things, digital freedom, on the other hand, is s while different issues. While limiting the child’s internet access may be seen as slowing their learning and developing, this is basically exposing them to so many threats and information that are way past their capability. This is why as a parent, you should have some tough parental control system in all of their devices. This page has some of the major reasons why this is necessary.

Cyber-crimes are very common today and given the fact that your child is learning and developing every day, they are more likely to try out new things and some of which may be very dangerous. Revealing too much information, for instance, could be very dangerous. Even for a grown up, screen time can be very addictive such that one can be so much engrossed into the phone and very much unaware of what is going on in their physical surrounding. This for a child is even worse. They will be wasting so much time on the screen and it is not only about the time because there are also health issues related to too much use of the devices. You can take control of them by limiting their media time and introducing more active tasks. To limit what they can and cannot see, you should find a kid friendly search engine, use the necessary software that helps you keep tabs on their digital lives and get more of the information and resources online from the sites that basically have lots of these.

Kids will naturally want to flood social media with posts and pictures. Companies today and even colleges do some background checks on their candidates and while they may have deleted the inappropriate posts or the pictures, social media never forgets. Here, you should control who sees the posts to keep your child’s online reputation good. While you are at it, you should remember to teach your kids the importance of the date backup because the devices are prone to damages and loss too. Just like you would want then to have some etiquette offline, the same should apply online and this is something that you should talk to them about. You should make sure that they know about all the consequences that come with things like cyberbullying, the distribution and owning of pornographic materials and even the unethical hacking among many more. Find more insights into online safety at


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