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Posted by on December 10, 2018

It is the high time you think of how you can take advantage of Instagram marketing which has more than 800,000,000 users every month with high engagement levels. The 80% of these accounts are business oriented and this makes any proactive marketer to be keen and also acquainted with tips that he or she can use to boost their Instagram followers. It is true that of late everyone is at Buffer where one is trying new ways such as liking and sharing so as to grow the account; this has been a great fun. This guide will give you tips that you can use whether you are running a company’s account or your personal account with the best tactics that help you grow “relevant audience” in your Instagram account.

One, you should be very consistent in posting. At least post once daily because profiles that are posted several times a week have a great following than the ones which rarely post. It is therefore good to increase your followership by increasing the number of posts that you usually make every week and as a result, this can double even your flowers. You have to be consistent as Instagram algorithmic timeline uses this consistency as the key element to get posts appear and seen at the top. In case your post are frequently shared, then the Instagram algorithm places your post at the top of the follower feeds.

It is also good to try to use stories, live video and ordinary videos as well. It is good to remember that Instagram started as a network for sharing photos and with time, it has grown beyond this. Therefore, with features such as stories, videos and live videos, it is the high time brands create various content that can engage their fans and boost their following. To spice this idea is a video is very good in engaging than ordinary images.

You should also study and also use high quality hashtags. Using the right hashtag exposes your image to a bigger and better targeted audience and the good thing is, unlike other networks where followers normally get fatigued by hashtags, Instagram followers don’t seem to get fatigued. Learn more about¬†how to grow Instagram followers.

Don’t forget to share content that is user-oriented. Yes, people want something that they can relate with.

Finally, it is good to collaborate with others either through sponsorship or partnerships.

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