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Posted by on May 10, 2019

Installation of a patio paver enables you to create and design your backyard space as you desire. This makes it more beautiful and also expands your own living space to the outdoors. Designing and installing a patio paver at your house is made possible by a number of tips that one is recommended to follow.

A plan on which pattern you would like to install on your paver patio walkway is very crucial as you begin on the installation. Some patterns may require more cutting as compared to others thus making them more difficult to install since more manpower might be required. You should therefore choose a pattern you feel more comfortable about. When planning on how you are going to go about it, you are likely to identify the number of materials you will need. The second step is to identify the area you would want to set up the paver patio and prepare it. It is advisable to ensure that the size of land you choose fits all your outdoor furniture and that it leaves a space for you to walk around. After identifying the area, the next step involves clearing it. You could start by marking the area and then clearing all the bushes around it and removing all the stumps and roots around it. Also consider the service of a Manalapan Township water features now!

Identify the weeds around the area and control them. Ensuring that the edges of the fabric are well cut and that they fit will help you control weeds. In order to prevent the weed from popping between pavers, make sure that the fabric perfectly fits in place. Next, on top of the landscape fabric, spread two inches of gravel and then make sure that you smoothen the layer using a rake. In order to ensure that the gravel is firm, make sure that you tamp it out. It is highly recommended that you repeat the previous step in order to make the base firm enough.

Ensuring the surface is well levelled is the next step of the installation process. Using a long straight board, you can easily identify whether the surface is even enough. The next step involves building another layer of support by spreading builder’s sand up to two inches in the gravel. The next step involves preparing the pavers by mix and matching different sizes that brings about a sense of upgrade. Set up straight lines and lay your pavers according to these lines for accuracy. Finally make the final touches by spreading a thin layer of sand over the pavers.

These steps assure that you obtain great results and that you manage to install a paver patio even in a single day. To get started, click this link now!

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