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Posted by on July 30, 2018


People are so much concerned about the diet and what their body requires. As a result, vitamins become a vital substance to be included in the diet this is because it is termed as an essential micronutrient. Vitamins cannot be synthesized in the body hence must be obtained through the food that we take in our day to day lives. Vitamins are needed because they help the body of an individual to function properly by aiding in the metabolism process. Unlike in the past days whereby the only source of vitamins was food nowadays we have some vitamin supplements which includes multivitamins and they also provide our bodies with different vitamins. The introduction of these supplements was to minimize the rate of vitamin deficiency among people. Some vitamins are synthesized in the skin cells when the skin cells become exposed to ultraviolet light, which is present in sunlight, and the vitamin is called vitamin D. Vitamins should be taken with caution to make sure that you do not consume excess, or you lack them as their deficiency or excess may result to certain sicknesses. Explore more about supplements at this website


There are various types of América Vitaminas, and all the types have importance in our bodies and their benefits vary. Every type of vitamin has the special role that it plays in our bodies, for example, vitamins play a role in regulating cell and tissue growth and differentiation. However, there are some vitamins which have a similar function such as vitamin A, and vitamin C have a role in promoting healthy teeth. Certain vitamins are also administered to pregnant women orally which helps to prevent the women and also the fetus from lack of vitamins.


There are others such as vitamin B6 that aid in the maintenance of brain function and even in the formation of red blood cells. Others such as vitamin B12 necessitates the nervous system to function effectively and also helps the body to manufacture new cells. Some vitamins have a significant impact on our immune system, and their consumption is good to make sure that our bodies can fight against diseases effectively and efficiently. Some vitamin that is vitamin K plays a major role in the clotting of the blood and also promotes healthy bones and scientists say that it also helps to prevent coronary heart disease. From these we find vitamins to be essential in our bodies and hence we should consume them though in balance. Know more info now!


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