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Posted by on February 15, 2019

Accidents can occur at the place of work, and that is why every business requires to take public liability insurance. Insurance helps to protect the insurer. What is public liability insurance? This is a kind of policy that is taken to protect any business from been legally held liable from an injury that may occur to a third party. This kind of insurance is meant to cover for the legal expenses that the business will incur if there is a case regarding an injury of their worker, as well as any claim lodged by the worker, or the public. It is important to note that the kind of injuries or expenses herein mentioned must be demonstrated as having occurred at the workplace, and proved beyond reasonable doubt that the cause of the injury or death is workplace related. Several companies like Tradesman Saver Insurance offers insurance policies that cover businesses.

How will the company benefit when they take up the public liability policy?

Accidents are unavoidable as well as unpredictable. No one plans for it to happen. When it happens and touches a business, the consequences can quickly bring the company down, regardless of how big or small a company is, or how big or small an accident was. Once an accident occurs to anyone; a worker or any member of the public, it is the responsibility of the company to pay for damages and cater for the medical expenses if the victim was injured, as well as pay the victim. Business will require to get legal help and hire a lawyer who will represent them in a court of law, once the victim lodges a claim. Legal costs are always high. A public liability policy will cover this kind of expenses including the legal fees, the claim lodged by the victim, the cost of catering for the repairs or damages caused by accident, etc.

Having a public liability policy ensures business continuity in the event that an accident occurs. Work is still done, and there occurs no gap. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to take up the matter immediately and pursue it without taking much time of the business directors and employees. In case there was no insurance cover, the employees and directors would spend a lot of tie meeting with the victims, attending court proceedings, creating a gap at work which may affect their productivity.

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