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Posted by on June 27, 2018

Sometimes the small components of an outfit earn you a compliment. It ensures that people cannot take their eyes off your because of your style. A necktie is one of the vital elements of wearing a suit. It brings out the best out of an individual and makes sure the outfit looks stunning. However, one needs guidelines on how to purchase the best necktie. You can use the following tips to add value to your wardrobe.

Choose the Right Size

It is crucial that you pick the right size. It helps to keep the necktie attractive. The first step is by scrutinizing your blazer. Ensure that you select a tie that will look proportionate to the blazer. Avoid choosing oversized products. It is also crucial to check on the shape of your body. The type of suite you are wearing should dictate on the kind of tie you need. See more details at this website about tie.


Determining the right material for a necktie is critical. It plays a crucial role in other aspects like durability and the ability to keep a tie clean all day. Again, it determines if the piece will not get wrinkles during the day. There are multiple fabrics; you can have silk, cotton, cashmere and many others. All these elements have different qualities. If shopping for a tie for the first time, you can take a friend with you or even ask for help from a professional, stropdassen kopen here!

Find the Best Style

You should be on the lookout for neckties that have a stitch. It is essential since it keeps the tie together. It helps you avoid wear and tear incidents due to friction. Therefore, it adds to the durability of the necktie.

On the other hand it keeps the tie in shape. Remember that without a stitch the necktie can trap air in it and appear untidy. Stitching solves the problem and ensures one can stay neat all day. Before purchasing a tie, one should make sure it has the right stitch.

Choose a Tie with a Slip Knot

A necktie with a slip knot may come at an additional cost, but it offers years of service. The knot ensures that the tie stays in shape and one does not have to keep on adjusting it every other time. It ensures that the necktie retains its new form over the years.

Pick the Best Colors

Picking the best color for a necktie is essential. One of the secrets is having lots of ties on your wardrobe. You can check them out with different outfits and get the ones that work best. The color of your attire determines the kind of necktie to wear, stropdas kopen here!


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