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Posted by on December 19, 2018

The United States of America entered into an agreement with specific countries to allow the travel of the member state citizens without a visa. This means the citizens of these countries can travel to the United States and vice versa without the need for a travel visa. This program is known as the Visa Waiver Program – (VWP). Previously, this meant that travelers from VWP member countries could simply purchase an air ticket and land in the USA without a visa. However, from the year 2009, admission of the citizens of VWP member states is not automatic. The eligibility of every traveler must be verified prior to the travel. The verification of travel suitability is done through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization – ESTA. Below are some important facts for each traveler to know before embarking on their travel to the USA. Visit this website to learn more.

The application of the ESTA is done electronically at a fee. The applicant needs to fill out an electronic form before they embark on their journey. The visitor is required to have an international electronic passport. This passport is used to verify the biometric and travel details of the passport holder. This is very important because some travelers may be denied entry to the US because of their travel activities. If the traveler has visited some specific countries in the world, they are not allowed to enter the USA without a visa for security purposes or check this product for more info.

The visitors whose ESTA applications are accepted are allowed to travel to the US for business, pleasure or while on transit, without a visa. Nonetheless, they are allowed to stay for a period of ninety days only. However, the eligibility of the travelers is contingent on certain aspects. Firstly, this travelers will only be permitted entry to the USA if they have a return ticket. The ESTA application will be accepted on condition that the applicant is not in the process of applying for any visa seeking for admission to the USA.

There are a few conditions that the VWP countries must adhere to enable their citizens to be admitted to the USA. They are required to issue the citizens with an electronic international passport. This passport is usually fitted with an electronic chip which contains the holder’s biometric data. Additionally, the passport should have a digital photo of the passport holder and should be machine-readable. The above requirements facilitate efficient passport processing procedures. Importantly, they are used to enhance security. If a traveler’s country of origin does not offer the above-mentioned features, they will be required to apply for a visa even if they are members of the VWP program. Watch this video about esta program:


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