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Posted by on August 29, 2018

Volunteering abroad is both fun and fulfilling. In addition, you will get much more exposures as you make a change in the society. However, you ought to consider some factors prior to going abroad to volunteer.

Carry out research on the international volunteer assignment you are intending to embark on. You also need to do some research on the sponsoring organization and get all answers to your questions.

Understand your Motivation
Before you take up an international volunteer assignment, understand what motivates you to do it. You also need to understand the motivation of the organization sponsoring it. Understanding the motivation will know whether a specific assignment suits you. With this, you will not embark on it blindly or naively. Think of the short-term and long-term involved, get a realization whether the assignment is aimed at promoting cross-cultural awareness, helping the poor and oppressed, or providing health solutions. Understanding this will make you know the assignments to take up, or the organizations to work with.

Engage in an Extended Assignment
Unless you are a health professional such as a skilled surgeon, a few days could not be enough for you to make a change. Volunteering requires one to take the time to understand the environment, his or her roles in the volunteer session, and the objectives. This might take a number of days. Planning for accommodation and related factors take time. This will thus require you to take up a session that will help you make an impact. Be ready to serve longer.

Find a Program that Relates to your Expertise
If you are skilled and experienced is a specific area, you then should look for a volunteer program that matches with your skills and experience. Look for volunteer groups that engage in volunteer activities that match with your skills. Serving in an area you are knowledgeable in will make you more productive. With skills in such a field, you will know how to organize people, manage projects, and ensure that everything is a carried out in skill.

Get a Program that Promotes Self-sufficiency
If volunteering is not well monitored, the people you are volunteering for could create a culture of dependency. You should thus consider a program that will make the residents know how to depend on themselves even when you are gone.

Work With an Organization With a Good Connection With Locals
Working together with locals will make things easier than could be the case when doing it all alone. You thus should get an organization that is well established in the foreign land. This will also help you learn more from the locals. For more useful information, click here.

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