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Posted by on August 17, 2018

Everything no matter how hard it is, it must have a beginning also in memoir writing has a starting point. It is a difficult task to write a memoir especially if it is the first time to write it, but no need to worry about it again, here are some steps to follow when writing a memoir and makes it an easy task. There are two things that most of the people confuse, the memoir and an autobiography whereby an autobiography is written as a story of one’s life and hence it once, therefore you can have only one autobiography. For the memoir it different because it is a story written about an event that occurred in your lifetime, so you can have so many memoirs as possible in your lifetime. The themes of the memoir may be different throughout your life because life is a cycle with various stages and every stage has different issues. The issues and events that one passes through when they are in their youthful life are different from what they face and pass through when they are in their old age. When writing a memoir, you need to identify your targeted audience.

It is vital to know your audience because you will know what kind of language and theme of your memoir, as each group in the life cycle have different topics which entertain them. What may be attractive to the children can be irrelevant to the youths and what interests the youths do not make any sense to the elders. To get the best story to write in the memoir you need to write down the different happens that have taken place in your life, can do this by sitting relaxed as you enjoy a cool breeze which will enable you to remember those events. Write them down and categorize as per their themes or meaning, from the different categorize choose the one that is relevant to your targeted group. After getting the right event come up with a draft of the memoir it should contain the key highlights that define the event, not everything that occurred should be highlighted in this stage. After proof-reading the draft the next thing is to expand the draft, here everything that happened should be included and should be highlighted systematically according to how they happened. The memoir should have a follow and should adhere to the standards. To know about the standards you need to search and read other writers’ memoirs where besides getting to know the rules you will be aware of mistakes made by other writers and you will avoid them. You can learn more at this website.

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