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Posted by on September 23, 2018

There are many people who experience writer’s block. It happens to almost every writer at one point. However, it can be overcome easily. You can easily get stuck in the middle of writing a novel and lack words to continue. This can be frustrating. There are ways you can use to avoid writer’s block. Read on.

You need to stop writing and consider doing something creative. Consider doing a hobby that you like such as painting or even visiting your friends. Taking a break for a few hours or days before you get back to writing. Doing other projects will boost your creativity. Exercising your creative part will help tap your flow of writing. It is advisable you do free writing. You can spend about 15 minutes in a day to write what just comes to your head.

You need to ignore punctuations and write freely. You can consider changing the subject several times. If you do this for about a week, you can turn it into a writing project. Also, consider moving your body. You can dance or go for yoga. When you move your body, your mind, in turn, will flow. You also need to meditate while taking long breaths. When you are relaxed, your mind will be more open. You will find that you are more imaginative and peaceful. When you return to writing, you will be more creative. It is advisable that you eliminate distractions.

Turn off your phone and avoid the internet. Make sure your workspace is not cluttered. You need to create time for writing. You also need to tell people around you not to interrupt you when writing. This will help you stay focused. It is advisable you write during morning hours. At this time, your brain is active.

Additionally, it’s surprising that you can also write as you sleep. The subconscious part of the brain helps with problem-solving even while asleep. You can think about a particular chapter as you sleep and find that you wake up with a solution. You will be able to see a scene from a different perspective giving your story a new direction. It I also essential to get enough sleep to avoid exhaustion. Take also plenty of water to stay hydrated. This way you will find yourself more active. You also need to have a passion for what you do. This is what will keep inspiring you to keep writing.

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