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Posted by on May 21, 2018

Traditionally, wearing of ties was assumed to be the role of men. Apart from being a role, it was seen to be accessory clothing for men only. This primitive culture continued to wear out in different generations. With time, this has become extinct, and now ties are being worn by both ladies and men. Depending on which type of job you are doing, you have your tie regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. In most cases, wearing on a tie is perceived to be for official purposes, but this is not the truth. The difference is small and is, you can wear a tie for official reasons, and at the same time, you can wear a tie to appear formal. When you put on a tie to appear, official, it means you do not have to necessarily be going report to any official call or official duty but just for your goodness and outlook. On the other hand, you can wear a tie because you are responding to an official invitation in an office or you work in that where official ties is a culture. However, there are different types of ties which can be worn for different purposes. In this article, some of these ties will be highlighted and expounded on their uses – see more here: stropdassen nl.

The first type of an official tie is a plain tie. This type of tie is relatively expensive when compared to other kinds of ties. It is supposed to be worn with a striped suit or striped shirt. The best wearing culture states that your tie should wear much either your shoes or your waist belt. This is the perfect dressing code. Secondly, there is the stripped type of a tie. This tie, in many shops it is relatively higher in price than the plain tie. It is considered unique and special for special functions. Again, this tie is supposed to be worn with a plain suit, plain shirt and as well it should match the shoes and the waist belt you are putting on. Such look is considered unique and official for special events.

Other accessories of perfect official look are the cuff links and the bow ties – click stropdassen for more info. These two also make you appear great in your dressing when you perfectly match them. Many people do not understand the meaning if cuff links in the dressing but they miss the most significant bit of their dressing code. Make sure in your dressing; you mix the colors which can blend for the best outlook. Critically important is the handkerchief which should match the color or design of the dressing you have put on. It is essential to dress up neatly and smartly.

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