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Posted by on July 31, 2018


Seeing more clearly is the primary goal of cataract surgery, but with new lasers and premium lenses, it is also possible to achieve sharper vision. Nowadays, people’s vision can be enhanced so they can see not needing any glasses, regardless of the distance involved. And the laser has a made a huge contribution to this development.


What Is Laser Cataract Surgery


A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lenses. In traditional cataract surgery, surgeons make use of a tiny blade to get into the front of the eye, and then use another instrument to make a round incision on the lens capsule before reaching into the cataract. Ultrasound waves then break the cataract into small pieces, which are taken out manually. Finally, the new artificial lens is attached as a replacement of the cloudy natural lens.


Laser cataract surgery, on the other hand, relies on a laser beam for incising and opening the lens. It is capable of making incisions with a level of precision that even the best surgeon’s hand cannot match.


Below are specific advantages of laser cataract surgery compared to traditional cataract surgery:Here are specific benefits offered by laser cataract surgery when compared to old-fashioned cataract surgery:The following are concrete advantages laser cataract surgery comes with:


Long-Term Results


Once the stabilization period for the eye is completed – about three months – laser results are generally permanent. There will be no need for follow-up procedures or treatments, unless the problem was under-corrected or over-corrected, and the affected eye will be good as new. View this website about eye surgery.


Fast Results and Healing


You won’t be allowed to drive right after a laser eye surgery san antonio, but most patients can return to their normal routine as soon as the day after, provided the eyes aren’t exposed to too much dust.


Goodbye to Contacts


Every year, people spend an estimated 375 to 450 dollars on contacts. Granted, laser surgery at Focal Point Vision costs way more than that, but remember that you only need to pay for it once. After some time, it will pay for itself by eliminating the need to buy contacts, and you begin to save cash. Not to mention no more hurting your eye as you stick your finger in to remove a contact, no more groping the floor for a lost contact, and no need to bother with cleaning solutions.


No More Eyeglasses


It’s undeniable how much your look changes the moment you take off your glasses. Plus you can buy all the styles of shades you want, instead of hoping for special lenses to be available, or buying pricey prescription sunglasses.


Case in point: your best option for vision enhancement is none other than laser cataract surgery. But remember that laser cataract surgeons are not all the same. You still have to do a little research if you want to have your surgery with the best.


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