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Posted by on March 29, 2019

In Egypt the temple monks derive much in their status from close attention to the celebs, enabling them to present the affect of predicting events. The satisfactory example is their use of Sirius, the dog celebrity. It rises above the horizon simply earlier than sunrise at the time of 12 months while the all-vital flooding of the Nile is about to occur. priests who can foretell this great event are powerful soothsayers.


This observation of Sirius also enables the Egyptians to grow to be the first human beings to transport from a lunar to a sun calendar.


Lunar and solar years


In Mesopotamia, in which the Babylonians are the leading astronomers, the calendar is a easy lunar one. So in all likelihood is the first Egyptian calendar. And a lunar calendar remains in use nowadays in Islam. but this type of calendar has one primary downside.


The period of a lunar month, from one new moon to the next, is 29.5 days. So twelve lunar months are 354 days, approximately eleven days quick of a sun year. In a lunar 12 months every of the twelve months slips steadily again through the seasons (as occurs now with the Muslim calendar), returning to its authentic function best after 32 years.


In some lunar calendars an additional month is inserted once in a while to keep in keeping with the sun yr. This happens in Mesopotamia and in republican Rome, and it stays the case nowadays in the Jewish calendar.


however the Egyptian priests’ commentary of Sirius allows them to be counted the wide variety of days in a sun 12 months. They make it 365. They then very logically alter the three hundred and sixty five days of the lunar 12 months, making each of them 30 days long and including five more days at the quit of the 12 months. as compared to all and sundry else’s calendar at the time this is very exceptional. however there’s a snag.


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