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Posted by on February 9, 2019

A scroll saw is an excellent tool for wood art projects. Scroll saws offer you a great way to spend your time and can be a lot of fun too. Another advantage of scroll saws is that they do not produce a lot of sawdust and are not noisy. Therefore, you can work with it in your garage and not disturb anyone. Below we will discuss some of the key factors to consider when purchasing a scroll saw.

The first aspect you would want to consider is the price. Price helps you know the kind of scroll you can get in your budget. The prices of scrolls vary from lower to high prices. For first timers, buying a low priced scroll is best as they can upgrade once they are accustomed to its working.

Another factor to consider is the speed of the scroll machine. Most modern scrolls have variable speed dials. The our liking if the scroll has a variable speed dials allows you to adjust the speed depending on how fast or slow you want it to be. Angle speed scrolls are also there in the market. Therefore, you should check whether the model you are buying is single of has variable speed dial.

Apart from the speed, you will also need to consider the throat size. It refers to the distance between the blade and the rear part of the saw. The throat size will determine the kinds of project you can undertake. For beginners, a saw with a thought size between sixteen to twenty-one inches is best.

Also, you need to consider the blade changing feature when choosing your scroll saw. There are two options for you to hear, tool-less and ones that use tools. A scroll saw that requires tools to change the blade is the best choice if you will be making one kind of cut per project. As for scroll saws that require no tools to change the blade, they are a good option if you intend to be changing the blades constantly.

Another key consideration when buying a scroll machine is the blades. You can either choose pinned or unpinned blades. If you need rough cuts, you should choose pinned blades. Besides making rough cuts, they are also good for cutting thicker woods. As for unpinned, they are suitable for fine cuts. Unpinned blades also come in a wide range of sizes and features and can be used to cut anything.

Finally some other feature you can consider is whether the saw comes with a stand, size, accessories and availability of replacement parts. Consider having a scroll saw that is portable, because you can move it anywhere and will not make your workbench dusty.

For those of you that want to purchase scroll saws more effectively, just click here. In case band saws are what you are after, then click here instead. Other than that, here is a post that you can check out if you want to learn more about scroll saws,


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