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Posted by on August 18, 2018

Side by Side ATV reviews can assist you in finding the right brand for the work or fun you expect to get out of a terrain vehicle. A lot of people may call the Side by Side vehicle as SxS, however, there are some who would prefer to call it as UTV or utility terrain vehicle. These multi-seated vehicles cross a sport quad with utility quad. They are great for hauling cargo or people and the uses are only limited by your needs.

It is very important to always consider the clearance especially when you want to run the trails for adventures like sport or hunting, or even if you would just want to drive it on the level of the ground. Clearance of different height should be highly observed knowing that there are trails which may have obstructions along the way such as tree stumps and rocks. Generally, most SxS vehicles are low to the ground but can acquire extra inches by choosing larger tires and adding a lift kit. There are definitely a lot of SxS vehicles with different adjustments when it comes to clearances, however, there are also some which are provided already with adjustable clearance, however, it still needs to be tested to different terrains.

Increasing the clearance will change the center of gravity (CG) on these units. Manufacturers have used different designs to keep the CG low. However, in order to maintain the center of gravity in the SxS vehicle, manufacturers sees to it that the vehicle will have a lower height for its seat and clearance, as this would provide a safer machine for the vehicle. Manufacturers of vehicles does alterations, and it is important that safety will be assured in doing so as it could change the center of gravity resulting to the change in the safety of the vehicle, hence, proper precaution is advised.

Of course, when you get the chance to use the Honda offroad, it is very important to know the difference between locking and unlocking differentials. The perks of knowing the locking differentials is that, it will let you maneuver power to all of its wheels, thus, you could simply generate power to the wheels even if the machine in unbalanced. You can definitely apply the locking differentials when you drive your SxS vehicle on bulky grounds. However, if you need quick and tight turning capabilities you want the rear end unlocked.

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